Burn Out Prevention in Prisons

Module Overview

Aims and Learning Objectives

The aims of this module are; To understand signs of burn out, its level and development of burn out, To deal with stressful jobs and daily challenges, To manage the feeling negative or unpleasant emotions and/or carrying out inappropriate behaviours, To assess the level of burn out of themselves, To gain abililties to take care of oneself in order to overcome burn-out

Target Audience & Requirements

From every title of prison and probations staff such as prison governor, psycho-social service experts and prison officers can get benefit from this module.

Duration and estimated workload of course

Estimated time to complete this unit is approximately one hour.

Module support

Why is it important for security staff to prevent the burnout effects?
Sometimes it is extremely difficult to distinguish between “me as a prison officer” and “me as a human being in my private life”. Usually, one dimension affects directly to the other one. We all know that working in prison it is a really stressful job. If we do not learn how to deal correctly with its demands and daily challenges, it is more likely that we could start feeling negative or unpleasant emotions and/or carrying out inappropriate behaviours. This is the reason why it is so important to prevent this phenomenon.

Social Media Channels

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Section Titles

What is burn out?
Burn out syndrome characteristics
How can we take care of ourselves?
Burn out self-test
How can we prevent burn out?