Self confidence

Module Overview

Aims and Learning Objectives

This module contains information about self confidence, what it means what is the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem and some usefull tips on how to trust yourself. We consider that self-confidence it’s very important for a person that is it working in criminal correctional justice system. The content of this module is composed of 3 lessons, through which we will acquire sufficient knowledge about self-confidence.

Target Audience & Requirements

The SELF-CONFIDENCE module is useful for wny employee working in the prison system. It is not only aimed at employees who only work in a certain sector, or who have a well-established level of experience.

Duration and estimated workload of course

Since the content of the module will be in electronic format it should not take more than 1 hour to go through them.

Module support

Self-confidence it’s important for any person, especially for the staff of the prisons. So that’s why we consider that is necessary to develop such a module in order to provide additional information to employees.

Section Titles

Self-confidence and self-esteem
The importance of confidence and self-esteem in our lives
How to trust yourself