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No two days are the same as a correctional officer in prison: you are coach and bouncer,teacher and social worker, counsellor and boss to the people in your care. Your training andskills must be as diverse as your day – dynamic, interesting and sometimes tough. Hereyou’ll find some of the training you need to rise to the challenge of a unique career that reallydoes turn lives around.

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This sense of purpose you share with your colleagues pulls you together as a team. Together, you’re motivating prisoners to take part in whatever activities they need to in prison, to help them live a crime-free lifestyle when they get out. You and your colleagues aren’t just people with the right mix of skills, experience and qualifications, you are also people who are committed to upholding your society’s values and behaviors. Whether it’s supporting people to get off drugs, getting them motivated to finish school, getting them back in touch with their family and kids or just being there and listening, the training you get during your career in corrections helps people on to reintegration pathways and away from crime.

Challenging but rewarding

In fact, the sense of achievement you get from getting someone’s life back on track is rewarding like few other jobs: you can be proud of the round the clock service you and your colleagues provide. What you do has a big impact on the safety of your local community, and makes sure our justice system gives fair chances to everyone.

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