Digital skills for correctional staff

Module Overview

Aims and Learning Objectives

The world of today is the world of digital. More and more aspects of our lives are influenced and depend on digital: communication, education, health, commerce, house management. The today prison daily life is more and more relayed on technology: from security devices till online management tools and different rehabilitation programs for inmates. Most of the correctional staff have the basic necessary skills as digital citizens which allow them to operate at a certain level but, while working, the technology develops and there is a clear need to keep up with. Also, looking to different prison services we can notice that the level and type of technology used is different but there is a clear tendency to relay more on digital technology in the future.

Target Audience & Requirements

The info presented is helpful for prison officers to identify the main types of digital means used in prison and their specificity.

Duration and estimated workload of course

The duration of the module should be an approximately 1 hour (including videos and materials.
We encourage discussions about the subjects with the colleagues.

Module support

The current module is intended to give you a brief view over the reasons of using the digital technology and the types of digital means used in prison, some consideration, and examples of using digitalization in the prison environment and its benefits for inmates and some consideration regarding the COVID19 impact.
Our contents are not „all you need to know” but are a conversation starter and a first step in building one’s career in a different way than maybe initially imagined.

Section Titles

Reasons of using digital technology and Types of digital means used in prison services
COVID challenges – versus digital world in prison settings
Digital technologies in the penitentiary system – their use and benefits for detainees and prison staff