Deconstruct the gender stereotypes

Module Overview

Aims and Learning Objectives

This module will introduce you to the concept of gender and gender stereotypes. Specifically, there is a first part that has an explanatory function, clarifying gender-related concepts. The second part, on the other hand, seeks to highlight the female perspective, focusing on the relevance of gender and the barriers and challenges that arise. Once you have become aware of these concepts, they will be applied in the last part, prompting the reader to the moment of action. The module does not aim to exhaust the topic, but rather to carry out practical activities that can stimulate a constructive dialogue between colleagues, encouraging further research.

Target Audience & Requirements

This module is addressed for prison officers and other correctional staff including also administrative staff, management and human resources.

Duration and estimated workload of course

The estimated workload of this course is approximately 2 hours, including 20 minutes per exercise, videos and assessment.

Module support

It is suggested to discuss and approach the content of the module with colleagues, administrative staff and management in your work environment.

Social Media Channels

You can find all relevant materials, such as videos, within the units.

Section Titles

Gender stereotype: some basics to start
Inside women perspective
Which are the limits that female officers experience in the penitentiary system?
Gender mainstreaming strategy