Organized crime and gangs

Module Overview

Aims and Learning Objectives

In this module, you will be introduced to information on organised crime. Specifically, you will briefly learn about various organised crime elements and the institution of gangs. In addition, this module aims to play a role of a conversation starter on an overall broad and complex topic. The specific issues presented in the module were selected to create a smooth flow of knowledge that stimulates a desire for further learning. As a correctional staff member, after studying the presented module, you will gain a basic idea of organised crime processes and complexity. New knowledge can also contribute to more critical thinking in your work and daily activities and change the approach towards inmates.

Target Audience & Requirements

This module presents helpful and relevant information for prison officers and other correctional staff to identify the main types of organized crime and gangs.

Duration and estimated workload of course

The estimated duration and workload of this course is approx. 3 hours. This includes all videos and assessments.

Module support

It is suggested to reach out to and discuss any of the presenting findings with colleagues and management. Administrative staff and management in your work environment might have the additional knowledge and expertise specific to your setting and environment.

Social Media Channels

No other relevant media channels besides the videos included in the materials.

Section Titles

Introduction to organized crime
Smuggling of migrants
Drug trafficking
Firearms trafficking
Human trafficking
Environmental crime
Counterfeit products
Maritime piracy
Women in organized crime
Gangs – what are they?
How does a person become a gang member?
What functions can the gang members have?